About Me


My name is Kyra and I have just finished studying History at the University of Liverpool. I decided to start blogging because I have always loved to write and this is a good way to get started (or so I have heard). I plan on writing general posts about life, share my experiences but I would also like to dedicate a lot of attention to book reviews. I love to read. I love to analyse. And I love to write. So blogging it is. I want to feel like my words can reach out to someone. Encourage other people to read books. I do like a diversity of book genres, but my favourite is young adult dystopian. A lot of these books haven’t really kicked off, so maybe I can help to do something about this? We shall see.

I would love to connect with people all over the world. How does everyone else’s life differ to mine? What do other people like to write about?

My Greatest Hits

3 Goals for my Blog


My University Experience

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