Thinking Out Loud

I realised today that it’s prom season. A time in a girls life which seems like the be-all or end-all. You need the perfect dress, the perfect hair style, the perfect shoes, and the bag to match it all. There is so much pressure to look the part for prom, for it to all be over in a matter of hours.

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So today I broke up from work ready to move back to Liverpool and start my third year of university. I just wanted to reflect on my summer, although I haven’t actually achieved a great deal.

This summer I moved back home and transferred back to my ASDA home store. I figured that working in Liverpool wasn’t ideal for me, mainly because my university studies hadn’t always come first, and they needed to for my final year. I also felt that if I don’t fall into a job straight away after university, which lets face it, there are high chances I won’t, then surely it would be a lot more convenient to be a colleague at my home store so that I can move back into my parents house and hopefully live rent free for a bit.

My previous years at ASDA I have always been a bit too shy to make friends. I always sort of hoped that people would come to me, not the other way around. But since working in Liverpool, I have gained skills and training that I was never offered before, and this massively boosted my confidence. I was a lot more flexible this summer and from what I have gathered, my section leaders have really appreciated the hours that I have put in. Countless split shifts, 12 hour days and working more than 5 consecutive days. I am shattered. Where has my summer gone? I haven’t been abroad, like most people. Instead, I have spent the majority of my time either working or kitten-sitting when they were babies. But I have to say, I have had one of the best summers in a long time. I feel very happy. I feel like my job is secure for whenever I come home. I have spent plenty of time with my family. And I have caught up with all of my friends. It is safe to say that I am entering a new chapter of my life (turning 21), with a smile on my face.

My summer may not have been the most interesting, but after a tough year and ahead of what I presume to be one of the most difficult years I may ever experience, I do feel quite refreshed and ready to get back into my education. I am seriously going to miss my kittens though. Here’s a picture so you can all appreciate just how lovely they are, definitely the highlight of my summer 🙂


I write because…


Why do I write? Why does anybody write? When I write, I release and express all of my inner sarcasm and thoughts. I feel better when I write. I have always aspired to write something like Bridget Jones, weekly snippets of a story, and I will focus on this a lot more when I have finished university. The writing that I do for my course is always so factual and critical, I never really get to express myself. I also don’t really have any friends who share the same sort of interest, which is why I am reaching out through my blog.

I am a very inquisitive person, but at the same time I am also very opinionated. My opinions sometimes get me into trouble, especially at work where the customer is always right. They’re not by the way. They barely ever are. This isn’t because I think I am better than them, as they seem to think, but purely because some of the things I can get asked on a day to day basis really make me question how humanity has got so far.

When you watch the Jeremy Kyle show for instance. I am not the most attractive person in the world, I definitely have a lot of flaws. But I don’t do drugs, I have all of my teeth and I use shampoo on a regular basis. Yet there are some people in the world who don’t, and they have more than one man chasing after them – hence being on the JK show. Yet, I can’t even maintain one mans interest. It is opinions like these, that I never ever get to express. But there are also other opinions, when I read a book that I’ve enjoyed, I want to talk about it. When I go to see a film that was pants, I want to discuss it. If I discover a new recipe that I really enjoy, I want to share it. I write to discuss. Debate. Analyse. 

My University Experience is possibly the only post on here that is really about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It felt good to write about it. Maybe one of my readers is considering going to university, it’s never how the students at the open day describe it – don’t forget they will be getting paid to sell you the uni. I don’t want to be the next Zoella. But I do want to blog. And I want to enjoy doing so. That, is why I write.

My University Experience

Okay so I’m about to go into my third year, and yesterday I collected my house keys for my last ever student house. So I decided to take a look back on my last two years at university.

August 2013 I waited agonisingly at 7 am to see if I had been accepted into university. My UCAS application was loaded and my refresh button has never known so much action. Luckily, I was accepted into the University of Liverpool to study history. So that was it, right? No. I had to go up to my school to collect my A Level results (that I was actually disappointed with) and then we returned home to lots of Prosecco. Just after lunchtime, and many Prosecco’s later, I received my accommodation email. I was to stay in the off-campus accommodation – that later got knocked down. I didn’t know Liverpool, and we hadn’t looked at the off-campus accommodation. So I was mortified. I had applied for all the accommodation that was near my uni. I’d done the whole, getting a bus or walking for an hour to get to sixth form, I didn’t want to be doing that again for university. But the university didn’t have any places left on the on-campus accommodation. So I had to go private.

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