Thinking Out Loud

I realised today that it’s prom season. A time in a girls life which seems like the be-all or end-all. You need the perfect dress, the perfect hair style, the perfect shoes, and the bag to match it all. There is so much pressure to look the part for prom, for it to all be over in a matter of hours.

Well it’s been five years since my prom. A night which did not actually live up to my expectations. I got a bit too drunk before actually getting to the venue, missed the limo picture be269933_10150224169461134_2893249_ncause I was desperate for the toilet, and then nursed a semi hangover and sore feet for the rest of the night, as well as a prom date who didn’t want to dance. But anyway, I cannot believe how fast those five years have passed and all that I have achieved.

13239041_10209887582811719_7268300147191742155_nSince this truthful photograph was taken, I have passed my driving test, been to Australia, passed my A Levels and got a degree in History. Most of which I never thought would actually be possible.

I’ve met some wonderful people along the way, had some amazing experiences, gained a better taste in dresses, learnt to style my hair and makeup myself and opted for a less orange fake tan. I just cannot believe that the girl in that purple prom dress, will soon be a history graduate and off in to the big wide world. Isn’t it mad how quickly time passes?!



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