Thinking Out Loud

I realised today that it’s prom season. A time in a girls life which seems like the be-all or end-all. You need the perfect dress, the perfect hair style, the perfect shoes, and the bag to match it all. There is so much pressure to look the part for prom, for it to all be over in a matter of hours.

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TBR Thursdays [2]


A bit of a random one for me, but this weeks to-be-read is Katy Carter Wants a Hero by Ruth Saberton.


“There are some things a girl has to keep to herself… 

Hopeless romantic Katy Carter still dreams of becoming bestselling novelist. A ghost writer by trade, Katy knows she’s no Booker Prize winner but has fun penning sizzling scenes and hot heroes for celebrity novels. Writing aside, Katy no longer fantasises about a hero of her own – she’s found him in teacher boyfriend, Ollie. After five years together their own happy ever after is just around the corner – if she can only rescue the couple’s ailing finances. 

But with Ollie becoming increasingly career minded and teaching at a very strict school, Katy’s racy writing soon causes difficulties. When she secretly signs a contract with steamy publisher Throb, tensions mount. A surprise trip across the pond brings things to a head, sparking a chain of events which set Katy on a collision course with family, friends and, most of all, her one true hero… “

What do you think?

Should I read this book?

Have any of you read it?

TBR Thursdays [1]


TBR Thursday is a bookish event hosted by Kimberlyfaye Reads that I am going to begin. The aim is that I tell you what book is on my to-be-read list, and hopefully you will comment whether or not you would recommend that I read it.

One of th12476820e books that has been sat on my kindle for ages is Partials by Dan Wells.

“Humanity is all but extinguished after a war with Partials—engineered organic beings identical to humans—has decimated the population. Reduced to only tens of thousands by a weaponized virus to which only a fraction of humanity is immune, the survivors in North America have huddled together on Long Island. But sixteen-year-old Kira is determined to find a solution. As she tries desperately to save what is left of her race, she discovers that that the survival of both humans and Partials rests in her attempts to answer questions about the war’s origin that she never knew to ask.

Playing on our curiosity of and fascination with the complete collapse of civilization, Partials is, at its heart, a story of survival, one that explores the individual narratives and complex relationships of those left behind, both humans and Partials alike—and of the way in which the concept of what is right and wrong in this world is greatly dependent on one’s own point of view.”

What do you think?

Should I read this book?

Have any of you read it?

Summer Reading List

It’s that time of the year again, I have finished University and I can pick up a book to read for pleasure. I am currently reading The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman, which is the second in The Invisible Library series. So far it is really good, a review will follow, but just to start my blog up again I would like to share my to-read list with everyone:

Charlie N. Holmberg – The Paper Magician

Jodi Taylor – Just One Damned Thing After Another (The Chronicles of St Mary Book 1)

Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train

Katie Kacvinsky – Awaken

George R. R. Martin – A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)