The Invisible Library

Title: The Invisible Library

Author: Genevieve Cogman

Publisher: Tor UK

Published: January 15th 2015

Pages: 329


This was quite a different book for me to download, but it was 99p on Amazon and the reviews were positive so I thought it was worth a go. And wow was I impressed. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. There is so much depth, especially with the way that everything ties in together.

Irene, our main character, is a spy for the Library. The Library is pretty much the centre of being; it is a timeless dimension that allows Librarians to travel to different worlds in alternate universes. Irene is assigned a new assistant called Kai for this adventure and they are sent to an alternate London. This London is infected with something called chaos, which means that the laws of nature allow supernatural creatures to take up residence, from mechanical centipedes, vampires and the Fae. There is also the complication of humans and how they have formed factions in this world, and this human interaction almost makes the story believable, until you throw in a vampire and a dragon and you are snapped back to reality.

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The Declaration


Title: The Declaration

Author: Gemma Malley

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Published: October 2nd 2007

Pages: 320


The dystopian future that this story is set in is a place where people live forever. Drugs have been discovered and nobody has children. Except Anna is a child. Anna is a surplus. She is surplus to the requirements of society.

Anna lives at Grange Hall, with many other surpluses and Mrs Pincent, a complex character that provokes both animosity and sympathy. Mrs Pincent has taught these children that they should not want for anything, because they are not worth it. And that is exactly how Anna feels. Anna hates her parents for bringing her into a world where she is not wanted. She truly believes that she is worthless and that the only life she will ever lead is one of a slave to somebody who is legal. This is how Anna will repay society for her parents’ mistakes.

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